Fluocinonide is often used in lotions for psoriasis or eczema. If you re using such products, you should know that they do nothing to actually eliminate skin conditions – they only reduce the symptoms. In addition to that, those lotions and creams make skin disorders worse in the long-run, because tolerance is quickly developed. Also, remember that fluocinonide creams often have severe side effects and a lot of individuals are allergic to them.

Long-term use of fluocinonide creams

Using fluocinonide short-term to reduces some symptoms is okay, but using it long-term can produce a variety of unwanted side effects. Also, treating your skin condition that way will make it worse in the long run. A lot of people keep using these lotions to manage symptoms of various skin conditions for years, when the condition can be quickly eliminated without them.

What are the best alternatives for fluocinonide?

Eczema or psoriasis can be easily eliminated at home, without the use of any artificial lotions. One such way is described on this website. Remember that we are not against medications or medical treatments in any way – they are just not designed to eliminate the conditions. All lotions for psoriasis and eczema are made to reduce the symptoms temporarily. This will ensure that the medical companies have a lot of customers, who keep coming back for more.